Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1, 2010


This picture is my close picture.  It captures the logo of Pima Community College but with an angle. 

I really like this picture because the woman is reading in front of the Pima sign.  She is comfortable. She is focused. She is calm.  It displays a good way to use time between classes.  I like that the logo is the focal point of this picture and that the sign says "Welcome to West Campus."  I chose to shoot the picture from this angle because the Pima is the largest part of the sign.  The lighting from the right is not the best and next time I will try to be more creative in how I take the picture to make the light work for me a little bit better.

This picture is my favorite of the three because it really captures the essence of Pima.  A bunch of students gathered in front of the school, looking as if they just got out of class.  They look to be socializing before they go home or wherever else they need to go for the day.  I like the lighting in this picture because it highlights the Pima sign and the group of people are below in a shadow, but none-the-less they are part of the picture.  To me, this is a picture that showcases the epitome of Pima Community College. 


  1. Love the top photo -- great composition, colors. The bottom photo has a completely different personality -- more lively -- but also tells a 'this is Pima' story. Don't see a third photo. A good choice would be moving closer to the people.

  2. Whoops, overlooked your first photo. Comments above start with the photo of the woman reading.