Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Composition and Lines

I chose this photo because I love the diagonal lines of the plant.  The leaves form a fan-like shape and getting at a unique angle gave me an incredible example of line composition.  I learned that getting really close to the plant made a world of difference when trying to showcase the lines in this photo.  I really like that the background is out of focus so the eye is automatically directed to the diagonal lines of the plant.  I like how green the leaves are because it really makes the plant pop.  I also like that not only do you see the lines formed by the outlines of each leaf but also the white center of each leaf creates another scope of lines.  
This photo showcases incredible vertical and diagonal lines.  The contrast in this picture makes each feature of the saguaro show.  Again, I like that I got so close to the cactus in order to get detailed lines and a more artistic photo to show line composition.  I feel like this picture is very pleasing to the eye and something about how the green and the black interact makes it an amazing photo. 

1 comment:

  1. I agree that getting close adds impact (and maybe a cactus spine or two.) These photos works well because you filled the frame and kept the composition simple. Good job.